American biologics regenerative medicine training conference

Fort myers, florida
FEbruary 24-25, 2018

The American Biologics Regenerative Medicine Training Conference is a collaboration between the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine and Gulf Coast Biologics, offering the first combined two-day training conference in regenerative medicine and musculoskeletal disorders, with hands-on cadaver training and a biological workshop experience. The symposium is primarily focused on clinical training and regenerative medicine acedemia. Renowned thought and opinion leaders have come together in a single venue to offer a momentus event that will help define the course of regenerative medicine for years to come. Upon completion, participants will be eligible for certification and AARM membership. Certification is provided after the completion of a competency exam. Participants will be provided with the educational tools to introduce regenerative medicine techniques and biologic applications to their practice and treat patients based on evidence and scientifically proven treatment concepts.

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Course Fee: $2,500

(includes membership in the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine)

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