Corporate Sponsorship

The American Academy of Regenerative Medicine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, as well as 509(a)(2) public charity foundation with federal tax exempt recognition. As a member funded, non-profit organization, AARM requires corporate funding to support these and other programs:

A. Education Foundation

The AARM Education Foundation sponsors academic training programs related to Regenerative Medicine at the medical student, resident and fellow level. AABRM is spearheading the formal establishment of acacemic training in Regenerative Medicine through the development of educational curricula and supporting materials.

B. Science Foundation

The AARM Science Foundation is dedicated to the support and sponsorship of relevant clinical research as well as publication of high quality research. The Journal of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine is the official AARM publication forum.

C. Regenerative Medicine Outcome Database

The AARM Outcome Database is an International database of outcomes of Regenerative Medicine procedures. As a first of its kind, the database will incorporate cell and tissue analysis lab data in conjunction with clinical data.  

D. Military Program

The AARM Military Program provides multiple elements to assist both active duty military members, their dependents, as well as veteran of the Armed Forces.

Sponsorship Benefits

AARM Corporate Sponsors are provided with:
1. Listing as official Corporate Sponsor on the AARM official website
2. Company description (1,000 word content) of products and services
3. Company website backlink from AARM listing
4. Free AARM membership admission of 2 physicians or scientists

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