AARM Military Program

The American Academy of Regenerative Medicine has developed a multi-faceted program to meet the needs of both Active Duty members and Veterans of the United States military:

A. Veterans Orthopedic Stem Cell Program (VOSCP)

VOSCP provides U.S. military members access to Regeneative Medicine treatments for common Orthopedic conditions. AARM is partnering with Veteran organizations and donors to provide Veterans with free access to care through AARM's member clinics.

B. DOD/VA Physician Training Program

AARM is creating a training platform for DOD/VA physicians in Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine. This program will provide Active Duty Military members as well as Veterans with direct access to Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine care through DOD/VA facilities.

C. AARM-DOD/VA Research Collaboration

AARM will co-sponsor Regenerative Medicine research in collaboration with DOD/VA programs.

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